LoHAC Case Study

Hybrid are Kier’s principle mechanical and electrical (M&E) partner on the LOHAC South East Region contract which we have held for the last five years. Working together with Kier and TfL to deliver solutions to four tunnels (Blackwall Southbound, Blackwall Northbound, Rotherhithe and Eltham), we are  familiar with TfL’s requirements and Kier’s working practices..

Hybrid carry out the Planned Preventative Maintenance, Reactive works, Project and Inspection reports on all of the Mechanical and Electrical Assets within all tunnels, ventilation shafts and tunnel buildings. Working collaboratively with Kier Hybrid have developed processes and systems that have now been taken on by Kier and its wider supply chain. The works range from small call out repairs to large scale multi faceted projects spanning multiple sites and tunnels..

Over the duration of the contract, Hybrid management team and engineers have developed a vast knowledge of the assets and systems that are present at all locations which has contributed to the successful delivery of the contract.

On behave of Kier and TfL, Hybrid have carried out the Principal and General Inspections of each tunnel; which is a comprehensive collection of on site reports, testing activities and inspections that evaluate the current performance, obsolescence and condition of each asset. This information is then used by TfL to form the investment programme. Part of this process also identifies any defects in the systems and assets. Hybrid then work with Kier to develop a programme of works to rectify any highlighted defects.

Hybrid along with Kier has developed a PPM programme to carry out testing and inspections of each asset to ensure performance and condition is kept to the required standard. Part of Hybrids unique reporting system means that a thorough and comprehensive report is generated during each maintenance visit. This is then submitted to Kier and TfL outlining any defects failed results during testing. Some of the assets Hybrid have identified issues with and as a result upgraded the current systems are;

  1. UPS
  2. Ventilation system and controls
  3. Emergency, tunnel, sub tunnel and compound lighting.
  4. Pump and drainage systems
  5. CCTV and Intruder Alarms.

Hybrid have worked closely with Kier, on the process of how RAMS, reports and schedules should be submitted. This has been rolled out and adopted by all other maintenance contractors employed by Kier.

Hybrid have continued to maintain the working relationship with Kier by having monthly meetings and open discussions about the ongoing and upcoming opportunities and projects. This close working relationship has meant open lines of communication are always present. Hybrid align ourselves with the best manufacturers in the industry and provide recommendations on the latest developments in technology and innovation to ensure the best and most sustainable solutions can be provided for the Tunnels.

"Hybrid have performed to high standard over the last 5 years of the LOHAC contract . They have carried out numerous tasks from small repairs to major contract works all carried out to a high standard . Their H&S record is excellent , the reports issued are thorough and precise . The engineers that attend are professional and competent to carry out all tasks given."

Quote from Tunnel Supervisor

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