Free Air Cooling Solutions By Hybrid and PassCOOL

Following the successful completion of the Network Rail GSM-R installation of the Passcool Free Air Cooling system Hybrid have been appointed as official distributor of the PassCOOL range.

  • Up To 95% reduction in electricity costs

    vs traditional cooling 

  • Up To 30% energy savings

  • Maintenance-free technology

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • ROI achievable in under 3 years



Hybrid’s portfolio of industrial ‘climate-controlling solutions’ are empowering sectors to significantly reduce energy costs by up to 95% (against traditional cooling).

Our maintenance-free cooling solutions (PASSCOOL) can be found across multiple sectors, improving performance and enhancing the lifespan of various heat-generating equipment.

This technology can be integrated with existing cooling assets or work in isolation. Their presence minimises the requirement to run traditional cooling solutions 24 hours a day, greatly reducing energy costs and any required maintenance.

Our partners trust Hybrid’s Free-Air cooling solutions to be installed in the most remote and critical environments around the globe.  The maintenance-free ‘Fit and Forget’ is standard across the entire portfolio, so you can be assured of a reliable, carbon-reducing solution.

“We estimate Passcool will save us at least 756,000 kWh (approx. £83,000)  and 125 tonnes of CO2 each year.”

Senior Asset Engineer


Using a centrifugal fan, PASSCOOL has developed the CoolFlow system to minimises the energy used in the reduction of temperatures inside equipment rooms.

This system draws ambient air from outside the cabin/shelter through the filtration system, protecting the electrical equipment from dust and other contaminants.

Propelling the outside air through the CoolFlow system generates positive pressure. This forces the warm air, produced by the equipment, out through gravity grills to maintain a comfortable operating temperature for the equipment. 

This maintenance-free Air-cooling solution greatly reduces the energy required to cool the heat-generating equipment by up to 95%. 

“We have seen a 50% reduction in energy consumption across all of our sites, even  during the summer working effectively with the existing Air Conditioning system”

Energy & Carbon Manager at Network Rail


  • Ideal for the Utility, Rail, Highways, Telecoms sectors 

  • Up to 30% site energy saving

  • Up to 95% reduction in electricity costs
    vs traditional cooling.

  • Extends the life of existing cooling assets
    Reduces alarms and maintenance

  • Provides resilience for critical infrastructure

  • Ability to control existing cooling assets
    by integrating with 3rd party systems

  • ROI achievable in under 3 years


  • 40% reduction in dB readings at 3m
    Designed for when residential neighbours are a consideration for external noise output.

  • ROI achievable in under 3 years

  • Perfect for when space is limited
    40% slimmer, lighter and quieter than the COOLFLOW DCM

  • G2 filtration. Lower power required to achieve target temperatures.

  • Lightweight design for easier installation

  • Internal and external installation

  • Up to 30% site energy saving

  • Up to 95% reduction in electricity costs vs traditional cooling.

  • Front‑facing duct bracket available to allow a non‑conductive ducting material to be attached. Enables free air to be directly blown onto specified equipment for optimal cooling results.


  • Designed for simple door or wall-mounting
    Minimises footprint and maximise floor space

  • Up to 2kw cooling capacity
    Dual axial fans enhance cooling capabilities

  • G4 filtration to enhance air quality
    For sensitive electronic and fibre optic environments

  • Cooling resilience for critical infrastructure 

  • Remote monitoring & control
    Web based platform provides complete control of fan

    settings and performance 

  • ROI achievable in under 3 years

  • Up to 30% site energy saving

  • Up to 95% reduction in electricity costs
    vs traditional cooling.

  • Extends the life of existing cooling assets